Divide in 3 without costs

Divide your purchases into 3 equal installments and at no cost to you. Comfortable and simple. One payment per month, instantly and without paperwork. At the time of purchase you only pay the first installment, the rest will be automatically charged to your card, always on the same day of the month that you made the purchase. And if that day doesn't go well for you, you can change it at no cost.

Sounds good, right? Buy in 3 installments with seQura in no time. Without paperwork, without uploading any documents and with immediate approval. Easy, fast and secure.

  1. Choose seQura divide in 3 as a payment method when completing your order.
  2. Complete 5 details and we will instantly confirm your purchase. Today you only pay the first installment (⅓ of the order).
  3. Enjoy your purchase without paying everything together. The rest of the payments will be made automatically each month.